Our Process

is clear

Our Process Solves:

Let us take the busy work out of your day to day.

Wasted Time Waiting On Clients

Our team of highly motivated and skilled LOAs & Processors will reach out and stay on top of clients to ensure all needs are sent in a timely manner.

Having To Keep Track Of All The Parties Involved

Our team will communicate will all parties involved to ensure a smooth loan, including: the lender, underwriters, ae’s, title and escrow companies.

Wondering Where Your Client’s File Is In The Process

All communication and updates include both your client and you, as well as an internal system that shows where all your files are at any given point!

Our Mortgage Process Simplified:

We offer tier packages so you can decide what level of help is right for you.

Step 1


The loan officer sends over our submission form with basic client and loan information. Our staff picks it up from here!

Step 1
Step 2


Our team reaches out to the borrower will a Welcome Phone Call and Email which introduces us as a part of your team, gives them a current status update, and requests any documentation needed to move forward.

Step 2
Step 3


Credit is ordered by the loan officer and our skilled processors work to submit the loan and we reach out to the borrower once initial disclosures have been sent out!

Step 3
Step 4


Our team communicates with all additional parties required for that loan like: opening title, requesting homeowner insurance updates, ordering appraisals and etc.

Step 4
Step 5


Once the borrowers have signed to move forward the loan is submitted and our team eagerly waits for approval or conditions.

Step 5
Step 6


Once approval is received, we reach out to all parties with what is needed to quickly get everything submit and receive Clear To Close!

Step 6
Step 7


Once the lender issues CTC we work to coordinate with all parties the closing date and time to ensure a smooth closing process.

Step 7
Step 8


We then follow through to funding, making sure all conditions are met and ensure proper disbursement of all payments.

Step 8

We Know You May Have Some Questions

Here are our most frequently asked questions, if you don’t see your question please reach out to us!

Choose Your Next Business Move

*Please ask about our flexible pricing available based on your local market

Full Service Processing

From beginning to funding we take care of everything so you can focus on your business instead of just the busywork

LOA Full Service Package

This lets you step out of the busy tasks of your loan as your assigned LOA takes care of client communication

LOA Basic Service Package

Our Basic Service is a great way to start if you are just testing out or starting with loan officer assistant services